About Us

About The Company

RMO Services, LLC was started by Phil Cocciante, aka: The Contractors License Guru.

Phil worked in construction for six years before becoming an application tech at the Contractors State License Board where he worked for five years learning the ins and outs and the many nuances of CSLB licensing.

Since 2005 he has helped 1000’s obtain their contractors licenses and is an expert in contractors licensing.

RMO Services, LLC is a significant branch of the Guru brand, and it’s our goal to help as many people as possible in achieving their goal of obtaining a California contractors license.


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Why Choose The Guru?

Quite simply… we’re more affordable!  We offer an exceptional service that will fit the budget of any new company that is just starting out. We’ve been there, we know that start up costs can grow quickly.  So the sooner you’re license is issued, the sooner you’ll be making money in the construction industry.

We also offer one on one service and direct access to the License Guru. No one can beat that!!