Become an RMO in California

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1. How does it work?

When you join our program you will be matched with a company or contractor who is in need of a qualifier that holds your specific classification(s).

2. How many licenses I qualify?

Up to three in any one year period. Once you have become a qualifier on three licenses, our system will no longer match you.

3. Can I remove my name?

Yes, you’ll have to ability to remove your name from our database at any time and for any reason!

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How much is an RMO paid? What are the RMO’s responsibilities and liabilities?

Why Be A Responsible Managing Officer?

The expertise and highly sought after skills of a licensed contractor have never been more in demand.

The State experience requirements have become so stringent that people wishing to enter into the construction industry have no choice but to seek out professionals such as yourself.

By becoming an RMO, you can educate, train, mentor others so that one day they could become an RMO… and you can get paid for it!

What Are The Costs?

Initial costs

There is no cost to you, the qualifier. All fees are paid by the company or contractor who wishes to use your services.

How are you paid?

You will enter into an agreement with the company, for which you’re the qualifier, that will outline how and how much you will be paid.