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Why Do You Need a RMO?

1. Don’t Qualify or Can’t Pass the Exams?

Contractors State License Law allows an RMO to be a qualifier on up to three licenses in any one year period.  If you or your company are unable to qualify for the CSLB exams, using an RMO could be a quick, short or long term solution.

2. Remove the Monetary Restriction

By being licensed, you are no longer restricted by the $499.99 labor and materials limit.  You can enter into much more lucrative contracts and expand your business.

3. Required Fees

Required fees include the cslb filing fee of $530. If your RMO has more than one trade classification that you would like to include on your license, each additional classification is $75.

If you need to incorporate or file an LLC, those filing fees are also separate. Click here for more information on forming/filing a corp or LLC.

Why Use A RMO?

The CSLB has made it very difficult for many people to qualify for the contractors license exams.  Using an RMO means that you can obtain a license without having to take any exams.  A CSLB waiver app is submitted listing the corporate officers of the company and the RMO as the qualifier.  When the application is approved, a bond is purchased for the license and the license is issued. 

After four years, an officer who has been listed on the license may qualify to replace the RMO by taking the exams.  After five years, that officer could qualify for a waiver of the exams!

How Does This Process Work?



Use our interactive map above to find RMO’s in your area that are part of our network. Click on the Connect Me button and provide us with your information.



We’ll connect you with up to three RMO qualifier’s in your area and/or region. RMO’s and the licenses they qualify should be reasonably close to each other.


Pick a Plan

Pick a plan that is right for you. Our package options can include a full suite of services to referrals only.

We also offer construction documents that can be purchased and downloaded instantly.



RMO Services, LLC can prepare and file all of your state application, and incorporation documents!

Within just a matter of weeks you’ll be up and running your new construction business!

What Are The Fees?

Initial costs:

  • $530 is the CSLB Application and Initial License Fee
  • A License Bond will need to be purchased prior to the issuance of the license. RMO Services, LLC can help you obtain that bond.
  • All personnel listed on the license application will need to be fingerprinted.  Those costs vary depending on the LiveScan office. Generally $75 & up.

Monthly fee:

  • RMO Services, LLC does not charge a monthly fee.  As there is no industry standard for RMO compensation you, the license holder, and the RMO can negotiate how, and how much the RMO is to be paid.
  • A monthly fee paid to the RMO, or a percentage of individual projects, or a percentage of overall sales is somewhat standard.  It’s entirely up to you to negotiate!